Friday, December 31, 2010

Bicol 2 (Camarines Sur)

My most awaited destination... CamSur Watersports Complex, CWC!! :)

Arrived at night so we just had a delicious dinner while watching the experts wakeboard together with the awesome crowd cheering in between bites and sips. 

Strolled around the area to plan for the next day's agenda.

Woke up at 6am to wakeboard while there are still a few people in line. Unfortunately, it was peak season so every person was only allowed two hours per day.

My first try was almost a success. However, I didn't know when to let go of the rope and I was a little bit far from the end when I did. Met this cute little boy on my way back to the line and he introduced me to all his cousins. (2 girls and 3 boys, all chinese)

Apparently, they've been there for almost a week so they were quite good. They gave me tips but I was too nervous that nothing got into my head. Haha!! :))

Got tired after wakeboarding that's why I wasn't able to swim in their pool. :( Actually slept the entire afternoon after a little chitchat and snack with my new Chinese friends. :)

Their rooms had an amazing lighting so my mom and I took photos of each other. We actually have a lot since we were fond of our newly bought DSLR. :))
Dress from Forever 21 and Sandals from Dorothy Perkins (gift)

Btw, their rooms were really nice and from 7pm onwards the whole place is so quiet and peaceful. Really a good place to relax. :)

Bicol 1 (Albay)

Bicol has always been my favorite place ever since I set foot there. I love the views and all the fun activities you can do there. So unlike in other cities where we only spent a day and a night, we scheduled 3 nights and 4 days here! :)

Stick-O eating monkey at a recreational park and hot spring resort
view of Mayon Volcano from the Lignon Hill

My most favorite activity for the day. ATV!!! :) My driving lessons have always been delayed but this made me feel like I know how to drive. haha!

looking so serious :))
stopping for a good photo :)

After that my parents and I tried the zipline which extremely frightened my dad. :)

And... the part which my parents enjoyed the most is a tour inside this famous cave.
Hoyop-hoyopan Cave

Our last stop was the Cagsawa church, a very famous tourist attraction, But sadly, the Mayon Volcano isn't seen clearly because it was cloudy,
Cagsawa Ruins

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas is Everywhere!

So what was I busy with during Christmas break? Aside from worrying about my paper in my Communications 2 subject, I was busy with visiting beautiful sceneries of the South! :)

On the 21st of December, we went to Davao and spent our first night in the beautiful island of Samal! :)

Then we started driving our way back to the North.

We stayed in different hotels every night. And luckily, we always found nice ones along the way. With good views of beaches, amazing pools, great food, excellent room service and Wifi every once in a while.

Unfortunately, the accomodation we got on the eve of Christmas day was the worst! I didn't even bother taking a photo of our room or the view. And their restaurant was only open until 8pm so we had cold food for Noche Buena. They weren't appetizing at all. And worst of all, there was no internet service and the signal of all networks there wasn't good. :(
(This Christmas tree was taken from another hotel.)

And of course, we stopped in some historical places, parks, zoos and churches.
McArthur Landing

San Juanico Bridge