Sunday, May 22, 2011

Of Summer Colors

Ever since summer started, I've been fascinated with bright colors. And here I am trying to get them all into my system. :))

Two days ago I painted my nails green. This nail polish is my friend's and she got it from The Face Shop.I'm actually thinking of getting myself a bottle too since I like it so much. 

Now here are some orange things I bought just cause I'm attracted to the color. 1) My orange blackberry case which I got from my friend's online store, Check this out for all your ipod, iphone and blackberry needs. :) 2) Yellow handy sunblock which I got from the Travel Club. Actually, I was really attracted to the carabiner. Haha! 3) And a new card holder which I saw in SM Department Store. It's just so cuuuuute. It comes in brown too which I initially thought of getting but I chose this cause the color's more fun!

Last but not the least is my current favorite necklace! I got this as a birthday gift for myself. I just wanted to try something eye-catching and I really like the color of the beads. They look so much livelier in person. 

Early Presents

Two weeks before my birthday, I got two presents!!! They were delivered at my house and I was so shocked when our helper said that a package arrived for me. And here they are!!!

This pink satchel is a gift from three of my awesome friends, Athalie, Cham and MG. Every Christmas or birthday, we give each other gifts. We give either one expensive item that the three would chip in and pay for or three affordable items from each person. So this year I chose this bag and a necklace/s which I have yet to find. But now I have my mind set on getting my second (and third if it's within the budget) necklace from Ruckus Accessories. I have read from the facebook page that the third collection would be released by the end of this month or early in june. Can't wait! 

This second present is a pair of earrings from Trinkets Royale Manila. It came along with the bag. They're so sweet for wrapping the package and even putting cards. Haha!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Here are some photos I took when I got home. I don't have the usual background like in my other outfit shots. It was late already so the cars were parked in the garage. :(

One shoulder dress used as top (Zara) Tulle skirt (random) Nude Heels (Charles and Keith)

Manel's 18th

Yesterday my close friend, Manel celebrated her 18th birthday party at Jade Valley. It was not one of those typical parties on a Saturday night. Aside from it being Labor Day it was also a Sunday.

I arrived at the venue and my blockmates noticed how our outfits matched. :))
Our friend from another block, Albert Yap

Btw, it was last-minute and our barkada prepared the whole thing. From the hosts to the music and the program itself. And our hosts for the night were...
Dyane and Thea!!

And of course, the gorgeous debutant, Manel! 

I shared my table with these pretty and funny girls. They made the night more interesting. :)

Finally, these were the faces of the people who had classes the following day. Haha!