Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hundred Islands Adventure

They say that what you do on the first day of the year is what you'll do throughout the rest. So my parents and I decided that we should travel and spend three days and two relaxing nights at the beach last January 1. Why? Cause we want our year to be as stress-free and fun as possible.

We went to check out this lighthouse near the area where you can rent boats. And... they also had shops where you can buy local handmade-products such as bags, accessories and simple home decors. I was able to score 3 cute bracelets which I've been trying to find in malls. Who would've thought I'd see them there? :) And my dad was able to buy a big shell engraved with 'Hundred Islands, Philippines' to add to his collection.

The island hopping experience there was fun! At first, I thought I wouldn't enjoy it because the water seemed a bit too dirty and the islands looked dull from afar. Nevertheless, it got pretty exciting as we got closer. The pictures look nice already but they're so much better when you're actually there. :)

* The downside though is that the waves were quite huge when we were there so the boat ride kind of made me dizzy.

And... we brought our dog with us. It was tiring to take car of her especially when we get on and off the boat in some islands but she made the trip more fun. She was like our baby whom we could play with. Plus, it was good that she's well-trained. She eats on time and does not pee or poo when in the car or in the hotel room. :)

On our way back home, we passed by Hacienda Luisita since it was along the way. We visited this church which according to the people there is a replica of one church in Rome.

So what were you busy with on the first day of 2011? :>

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spots for Luck

Since it is a new year, I'd like to try something new-- making outfit posts once in a while. I think it's a fun thing to do and it can inspire you to have a better sense of style. :)

For the following photos I intentionally chose a polka dot dress for good luck! My mom teased me that it is just my subtle way of asking for money. Haha!

polka dot dress & cross necklace (Forever 21)
multi-layered necklace (Aldo: gift)
beanie (Greenhills)

white watch (Tomato: gift)
blue mary janes (Wade)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!✩

Unlike Christmas, we traditionally spend New Year's Eve at home. Since we are just three in the family, I bet our celebration is the simplest among others. We just bond over an awesome dinner prepared by my mom and eat some of our favorite desserts such as fruit salad, cake and leche flan. 

Two years ago, my tita who lived with us for over a year taught us some 'rituals' that should be done right after the clock strikes 12. 

1. Wear the lucky colors! This year they were blue, white and red.

My mom wearing her favorite blue blouse from Zara.

A plain white shirt with a bib necklace attached to it (Just G),
 red shorts & blue belt from Greenhills

My dad in his red polo shirt and a 'torotot' on his head. Haha!
He got torotots for me, my mom and our maids too. :))

We are not a fan of firecrackers and fireworks are quite expensive that's why we just have fountains to entertain us throughout the night. Luckily, a lot of Chinese people live near our house and we get to watch their wonderful fireworks display as well. 
* But we always have one "sinturon ni Judas" which we ask our neighbors to light cause we're all afraid to do it on our own.

2. Turn on all the lights and appliances!

3. Make loud noises! (We scream, beep the horns of all our cars, bang the gong, etc.)

My dad happily banging our antique gong! =))

4. Lastly, throw A LOT of coins in the entire house! (As in every room including the bathrooms and even in the garage.) Then we pick them all up in the morning when our maids clean. 

You probably think that we have a boring celebration but honestly I wouldn't want it any other way. :) By the way, we go out and enjoy with our neighbors too. We're actually all friends with each other's families for a long time now and it has become a habit that we have a simple street party wherein we all go out after we've done our own family traditions. (Maybe around 12:20/30) Then, we play loud music, go with our own circle of friends, talk and maybe eat at each other's homes. :) 

Well no matter how you celebrated it, I hope you guys had a fantastic welcome for 2011 too! :)