Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kim's Late Birthday Dinner

Last friday a good friend of mine had her 18th birthday dinner at Freska Ilonggo Seafood & Inasal in Promenade, Greenhills. Earlier that day I went to school for my enrollment and I was a floor manager for our college's Freshmen Orientation. In the afternoon I watched Insidious with three of my blockmates. As usual, I kept screaming throughout the entire duration of the movie. Haha! It was so traffic so I didn't bother to go home and change. I drove straight to greenhills to make it on time but I still came an hour late. :(

So here are some of our photos. All of them are from my friend, Pamgee Puebla!

From L to R: Pamgee, Ram, Me, Frienne, Jenica, Kimbee, Rencie

with our only boy for the night, Ram :)

pretty birthday girl, Kimbee

So if you're wondering why the title says 'late', that's because her actual birthday was almost 2 months ago. Haha!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia '11

On our 6th day in Singapore, we headed to Kuala Lumpur for a 4-day vacation. We got there via bus which took us 5hours (that includes one bathroom stop-over and 2 immigration check points, one for exiting SG and one for entering KL). Alternate transportation methods: train or airplane.

The very first site we visited was the Merdeka Square. This was an open field surrounded by some important establishments such as their National History Museum, St. Mary's Cathedral, Masjid Jamek, Royal Selangor Club and the...

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

This flagpole can be seen there too. Accdg. to our tour book,
 this is believed to be the highest in the world!

From there, we went to see the Petronas Towers, the tallest twin buildings in the world! Unfortunately, tickets were sold out when we got there at around 10AM. They only release a limited number of tickets per day and it is very hard to get one. We tried to go earlier on our second day as well but we still didn't get in. :( Apparently, people start to line up at 5AM everyday, imagine that! 

We headed outside the city which is about an hour drive from there to check out Putrajaya, the federal administrative capital of Malaysia. According to the taxi driver, all government institutions and most information technology companies were moved here. 

The place was so big, they had 4 bridges like this. I think you need to pass by all of them to get to the main attraction.

Main Attraction: Putra Mosque (L) and Palace of Justice (R)
Me at the Palace of Justice (L) , what the Putra Mosque looks like inside (R)

Girls couldn't enter without wearing these robes. 

Since we weren't able to go up the Petronas Towers even on our second attempt, we settled for the Menara Kuala Lumpur, another tower nearby. The view was amazing and it was designed in a circular manner. If I remember correctly, they had 18 stations and they provided electronic devices with explanations of what you would see per station and its history. Plus, they had a forest reserve below. :)

Again, we drove for more than an hour from the city to check out Genting Highlands, an entertainment and gambling complex above the clouds. :) They had around 5 to 6 huge hotels and Malaysia's biggest theme park. Aside from vehicles, you can go up via cable car. This one is the fastest and longest in Southeast Asia. I must say, it was pretty scary! Actually, we bought a round trip ticket but we didn't avail the trip going down the mountain cause I got too scared. 

There was a part where you couldn't see other cable cars cause of the fog. :|

This reminded me of Tagaytay and Baguio except it was waaaaaaay colder.

Before going home we passed by Beryl's Chocolate Factory! Haha! :)

Lazy morning tour at the Islamic Arts Museum. Why are museums abroad so niiiiice? 

Straight to Lake Gardens for some fresh air. :)

Our last tourist destination: Batu Caves, the most important pilgrimage site for Malaysia's Hindus

From the entrance, you need to take 271 steps to get to the end of the cave.

Monkeys dominated the stairway! :))

And I saw the light...... Haha!

The rest of Day 3 and Day 4 were dedicated to shopping! If you're into shopping you should stay in a hotel at Bukit Bintang cause that's where most of the malls are located (Pavillion, Lot10, Fahrenheit 88, etc). My favorite was the Pavillion Mall and there you'll find great buys in Topshop cause regular items here were on sale there for up to 50% off! Other nice and affordable shops: Cotton On, Pull & Bear, Uniqlo and Forever21.

Suria, KLCC: one of the busiest shopping malls 

Thank You, Lord for allowing my parents and I to end our summer '11 with this trip! It was truly an exciting and overwhelming experience! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Singapore: Days 4 & 5


Raffles Hotel in the morning. 

Eat and Shop at Orchard Road in the afternoon.

Marina Bay Sands in the evening.

The view was amazing and breath-taking! All you have to do is see it and you feel happy. I love moments like this! Effortless but fun! 


Since we weren't able to go to the Night Safari which a lot of my friends have recommended, we decided to visit the Singapore Zoological Gardens. The experience was awesome! I'm always delighted to see animals. Animals are my favorite among God's creations and I'm always fascinated by them. 

My top 4 favorite animals!

Zebras & Giraffes

Leopard & Lion

 And then I realized, my least favorite are reptiles except for turtles! Haha! 

In this trip we had so much to see, so much to learn and now so much to cherish!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Singapore: Day 3

Spent this entire day at Sentosa!

It has always been part of our plan to go to places my dad wants to visit. We do this so he'd be happy and energetic to give way for what my mom and I want for the rest of the day. So our first two stops were Fort Siloso and Images of Singapore. Honestly, I don't mind cause I also enjoy these kinds of historical tours. 

This was a preserved fort built during the World War II. Nothing makes my dad happier than historical stories and ruins. :)

In Images of Singapore they showcased wax figures depicting the different cultures and practices during the old times. 

Off we went to Universal Studios to become kids again! 

I can't believe my mom rode this with me. I was never really a fan of rollercoasters and this made me hate it even more. Haha!

This reminds me of HK Disneyland. So cuuuute! 

My favorite ride, Rapids Adventure!

my awesome parents 

This is the face of one very happy child! :)

I didn't think I'd enjoy this day as much as I want to. Cause being an only child, I thought I had no one whom I can enjoy a theme park with. Things really surprise you when you least expect it. My mom and dad were so game and just up for anything! In fact, I was able to ride and watch what I wanted. Now I am reassured that any day can be a fun-filled one with my parents.