Friday, June 10, 2011

Singapore: Day 3

Spent this entire day at Sentosa!

It has always been part of our plan to go to places my dad wants to visit. We do this so he'd be happy and energetic to give way for what my mom and I want for the rest of the day. So our first two stops were Fort Siloso and Images of Singapore. Honestly, I don't mind cause I also enjoy these kinds of historical tours. 

This was a preserved fort built during the World War II. Nothing makes my dad happier than historical stories and ruins. :)

In Images of Singapore they showcased wax figures depicting the different cultures and practices during the old times. 

Off we went to Universal Studios to become kids again! 

I can't believe my mom rode this with me. I was never really a fan of rollercoasters and this made me hate it even more. Haha!

This reminds me of HK Disneyland. So cuuuute! 

My favorite ride, Rapids Adventure!

my awesome parents 

This is the face of one very happy child! :)

I didn't think I'd enjoy this day as much as I want to. Cause being an only child, I thought I had no one whom I can enjoy a theme park with. Things really surprise you when you least expect it. My mom and dad were so game and just up for anything! In fact, I was able to ride and watch what I wanted. Now I am reassured that any day can be a fun-filled one with my parents. 

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