Thursday, June 9, 2011

Singapore: Days 1 & 2

DAY 1 

Arrived at Changi Airport, went to the hotel to leave our luggage, ate at a nearby restaurant and then straight to Singapore Flyer!

During the ride, you'll be able to see both the greener and bluer side of the city. 

This isn't really candid. My parents were acting in this photo cause my dad wanted a shot like this! :))

After this, we started walking around and exploring the city. It is good to have a tour book beforehand so you know which sites and establishments are actually important to see. Plus they include maps and transportation methods as well. 

The Supreme Court (L) and city hall (R) : I love how they were able to preserve the original buildings. 

Singapore at night :)

Marina Bay Sands

Singapore Flyer


We ended our night by visiting the very famous Merlion. 

 DAY 2

First stop is Hong San See Temple, a taoist temple near our hotel. We don't really know about this but we saw a tarpaulin saying that it was awarded by UNESCO so we checked it out.

Second temple for the day is Sri Mariamman, the oldest Hindu place of worship. It was beautiful, big, clean and well-maintained.

the amazing gateway

Then we went to Chinatown to check out the different shops selling figurines, food, lucky charms and jewelry.
*Just a side story: While looking around, a Filipino tourist approached us just cause she was delighted to see other Filipinos having a vacation there. It turns out she is a friend of my dad's sister! It's just amazing how it is indeed a very small world. You can never tell that the people you meet already have a connection with you, no matter how distant it is. 

We went to visit a Buddhist temple too. 

We had lunch at 313@Somerset, a nice mall in Orchard Road. 

And there I met up with my college blockmate, Michael Fong. He showed me around the mall and told me the nice shops to go to since he went there three days ahead of me. By the way, I love how I always get to meet some of my friends during our trips local and abroad. 

Then we went to Little India for merienda! (Kmapong Glam in particular)

This is the Bussorah Mall where a variety of items are being sold.
They offer clothes, unique accessories, religious items and food.

The mall led to this stunning, Sultan Mosque.

Nearby is the Istana Kampong Glam, the Sultan's Palace. Unfortunately, tourists aren't allowed inside. We can only see the garden. 

After, we went to the National Museum of Singapore. I absolutely enjoy museums cause they give you a background of a country's history in a fascinating and entertaining way. What I loved about this museum is how some sections were interactive. 

From there we took a cab to Fort Canning Park. I wish parks here are as conserved as this. It is a nice place to relax. People also use this as a route instead of taking public transportation since this makes walking a fun activity. They even hold special events here like concerts.

Lastly, we had dinner at my dad's favorite place, Chijmes. Actually, it used to be the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus converted into a complex of shops, restaurants, bars and gallery spaces. 

Our 2nd day was a very overwhelming experience. We were able to witness different religious practices, see different cultures and try different cuisines. I'm looking forward to more eye-opening experiences such as this. 

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