Sunday, May 22, 2011

Of Summer Colors

Ever since summer started, I've been fascinated with bright colors. And here I am trying to get them all into my system. :))

Two days ago I painted my nails green. This nail polish is my friend's and she got it from The Face Shop.I'm actually thinking of getting myself a bottle too since I like it so much. 

Now here are some orange things I bought just cause I'm attracted to the color. 1) My orange blackberry case which I got from my friend's online store, Check this out for all your ipod, iphone and blackberry needs. :) 2) Yellow handy sunblock which I got from the Travel Club. Actually, I was really attracted to the carabiner. Haha! 3) And a new card holder which I saw in SM Department Store. It's just so cuuuuute. It comes in brown too which I initially thought of getting but I chose this cause the color's more fun!

Last but not the least is my current favorite necklace! I got this as a birthday gift for myself. I just wanted to try something eye-catching and I really like the color of the beads. They look so much livelier in person. 


  1. hi ina! i love you and i look up to you!

  2. thank you! :"> i would say i love you too if only i know who you are. hahaha! :))