Sunday, May 22, 2011

Early Presents

Two weeks before my birthday, I got two presents!!! They were delivered at my house and I was so shocked when our helper said that a package arrived for me. And here they are!!!

This pink satchel is a gift from three of my awesome friends, Athalie, Cham and MG. Every Christmas or birthday, we give each other gifts. We give either one expensive item that the three would chip in and pay for or three affordable items from each person. So this year I chose this bag and a necklace/s which I have yet to find. But now I have my mind set on getting my second (and third if it's within the budget) necklace from Ruckus Accessories. I have read from the facebook page that the third collection would be released by the end of this month or early in june. Can't wait! 

This second present is a pair of earrings from Trinkets Royale Manila. It came along with the bag. They're so sweet for wrapping the package and even putting cards. Haha!

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