Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thea's 18th

Spent last weekend at San Pablo, Laguna for my friend's debut. We were only 10 from our block who were free but it sure was fun! So much happened and I can't find the right words to narrate them so I'd just use these pictures to tell the story.

My parents and I spent the friday night in a hotel nearby so come Saturday they just dropped me off the venue. However, my classmates were fetched by Thea's cousin and driver so they had to prepare in our hotel room.
That's Arwin looking beautiful in her yellow dress
and Ger asking her to put wax in his hair. Haha!

During the event, Ger sang for Thea! Actually, Ger has a really nice voice that's why he sings at every single debut that we attend.

Here are some photos after the program. :)

Thea looking prettier than ever!! =))
Our dresses were different shades of pink!

Our friend Jego (short for Jeremy Go) went all by himself to Laguna
 after his event with his debate society. How sweet is he? 

We decided to take 'couple' pictures to kill time before the dance started. And here are my favorites!
Josue and Ate Dyane :)

Patti and Mon :)

Me and Emman :)

Before we finally decided to go back to our rooms, we took some more photos cause it was more fun to pose when noone was there to watch us.

We spent the whole night bonding-- talking, playing cards, and sharing so much stories esp. scary ones. :| And here's how we all looked in the morning! :) We wanted to go for a swim before we left but sadly the pool has not yet been cleaned. :(

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