Friday, July 1, 2011

Last Casual School Day

Starting on July 4, our block would be required to wear our white uniform! I'm half excited cause it makes me feel like I am really close to graduating. Although the other half of me wishes to be able to wear more comfortable clothing everyday. 

For today Patti and I decided to pick clothes we don't usually wear in school. So here's what I chose. 

Shirt (Promod), Pants (Cotton On), Sandals (Topshop)

So this day turned out to be a busy one. I had my first laboratory class in Biochemistry. I actually expected an introduction, getting-to-know you session or perhaps a lecture on laboratory safety? Instead, we performed an experiment right away. The only consolation was that the procedure was quite easy. 

For lunch we celebrated our friend, Josue's 19th birthday and surprised him with a cake. Actually, he is one of the boys in our block who's close to our barkada. He accompanies us during breaks, helps us when we need to run errands and most of all, listens to all our kwentos about anything or anyone. Truly, he is someone we share happy and sad times with! 

After that, we had our class in Biostatistics. Most of us weren't really paying attention, some of us were talking while the others were dozing off. We should really try to focus more next time. Haha!

Then we stayed in the auditorium to watch our candidates rehearse for an upcoming event in our college. It's called Mr. and Ms. Public Health. Hoping, wishing and praying for our batch representatives to win. A few minutes after that, we accompanied three of our friends to audition in an organization for musically-inclined students. They did really well and I know they would get in. :)

By 6pm, I together with Patti, Ate Dyane and Ger were on our way to Robinson's to buy some stuff like bags, shoes and undergarments in preparation for Monday. Sadly, none of us found anything we wanted so it turned into a fun window-shopping experience. We didn't have much money anyway so it was all good. Haha! 

Anyway, some of my friends and I are working on something really important right now. I can't really give anything away but I hope that this plan would be a great success! 

"Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant." 
- Socrates, Greek Philosopher

"Little drops of rain can make a sea."
- Jeremy Go, 2011

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