Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Week

It's our family tradition to go to Liliw, Laguna every Holy Week. We own a house and a chapel there because of a Black Nazarene that my great great grandparents inherited from the Spaniards. So every year we facilitate the "Pabasa" and attend the procession.

Btw, part of our tradition is also to visit "Kamay ni Hesus" in Quezon, usually on Thursday.

Here's a photo of my uncle who flew in from Germany to join us.

Sadly, for 4 years now it's only my family who still continues with this tradition. All my cousins already migrated. But next year, they're all planning to visit so we can enjoy like we did before. So we looked for nice resorts in Caliraya Lake so we could relax there after the business of our holy week tradition. 

There we found, Caliraya Resorts Club. They have really great facilities. They offer different accommodations, from rooms to houses. They also have fun activities for the whole family like zipline, horseback riding, sports (tennis, badminton and basketball) and of course, water sports as well. 

Plus, they've got really good views of a landscape and the lake.

I'm still hoping that our plans would push through! *keeping my fingers crossed*

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